TMA Connect LIVE

TMA Connect LIVE

These small breakout VIDEO discussion sessions allow you to have more in-depth discussions with members who share common interests. If you’re looking to meet new people in your niche, or professionals who have taken on similar projects, this is your chance to make those connections over things you love most. And because many TMA members say they’ve made lifelong friends at TMA events, we’re also offering some fun topics too so you can chat about motorcycles or bourbon or connect by region! Easily click on the session within the platform and add to your agenda to start networking. 

Topics Include:

Talk with the Tips from the Titans Panelists | NextGen Planning Committee | Book Club & Hobbies | Happy Hour Cocktail Share | Certification | Diversity & Inclusion | NextGen Membership Brainstorm| Chapter NextGen Program Brainstorm | Hot Topics in Restructuring

TMA Connect LIVE Schedule:


Schedule for the 2024 NextGen Conference: TBA